How do I get started in forestry finance?

  1. How do I start a forestry finance business?
    1. What is finance forestry?
    2. What does the word "forestry" mean?
    3. Protecting the source of water for funding
    4. Preventing sediment-related disasters
    5. Living with Animals.
    6. The economic cycle of the forest is self-financing

Now you can find out How do I get started in forestry finance? Is forestry an option for financial entrepreneurs? Tips for a new era of successful forestry and entrepreneurship.

For those considering starting a business in the forestry sector, we will cover the opportunities for success in this sector and the current situation.

How do I start a forestry finance business?

Forestry is one of Japan's long-standing forestry superpower industries. We're not just a business, we're in the business of protecting the land and people's lives.

It's a forest industry where you can work in contact with nature, and it makes sense, but it's not easy to get started. Let's learn how to work and create a business, how to successfully set up a business in the forestry sector, including challenges and countermeasures.

What is finance forestry?

Forestry is work related to mountains and forests, and the content of that work is varied. When you hear the word "forestry," you often picture a big tree cut down with a chainsaw.

If you want to start a forestry business, you need to understand the meaning of forestry and the actual content of the work. Starting a business is not easy, but it is a very rewarding job that can contribute to the country and the people of finance.

What does the word "forestry" mean?

For forestry: it's not just a business, but an important meaning that connects nature and people and protects safe living. Anyone considering starting a forestry business should also understand the meaning of the term "forestry."

Protecting the source of water for funding

One of the meanings of forestry is to protect water sources. Forests have a high rate of rainwater infiltration due to the organic matter and organisms in the soil, and are said to purify water quality.

Forestry workers can care for the forest and keep it healthy to protect the source that stores the water.

Tree roots spreading underground maintain the soil on mountain slopes and protect the city from sediment disasters. Dead leaves, branches, and weeds covering the soil surface also prevent soil runoff.

As planted seedlings grow, there is a task called weeding. This is the job of mowing the weeds growing around the planted trees. If the seedlings are left untouched, they will die from the weeds and trees and will not actively grow.

Living with Animals.

Forests and mountains are also home to animals. Forestry that protects forests and mountains is also necessary to establish coexistence with animals.

By performing maintenance tasks, such as thinning and growing the plants that the animals that live in the forests and mountains feed on, it is hoped that the animals will not reach populated areas.

The economic cycle of the forest is self-financing

The economic cycle in forestry is long and usually occurs at intervals of 30 years. It does not end with our generation, but can be passed on to the next. The foundation of forestry is the care of the forest and the receipt of timber after a long cycle.

Planting is the first year of the commercial forestry cycle. First of all, we will do a job called Jigos hiera. In the field, the goal is to remove logging traces from the original trees. After preparing the forest paths, plant the saplings one at a time.


Pruning some trees allows light to reach the ground and improves forest functions, such as water source and sediment-related disasters prevention, as explained above. Eight years after planting the saplings, pruning begins. Pruning is also a task that allows the trees to grow healthy without depriving them of nutrients. If you prune carefully, you will get a straight tree with the same thickness from root to top.

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