How do they join different multinational companies?

  1. How do they join different multinational companies?
    1. Conditions for joining a corporate scheme
    2. Subscription plan for international businesses
    3. Company membership procedures
    4. Comparison with similar iDeCo schemes

There are several key concepts for joining different types of multinational companies. Again, only "sole proprietors and managers of small businesses" can join finance companies.

Depending on the type of company, if the number of employees exceeds a certain threshold, it will not be considered a "small business" and cannot join the scheme. However, if you register once and meet the requirements, you can continue.

How do they join different multinational companies?

Officers of business unions with 20 or fewer active members and officers of cooperative unions with 20 or fewer permanent members.

An officer of an agricultural cooperative that is primarily engaged in agricultural management and has 20 or fewer permanent employees.

Therefore, companies interested in small business mutual aid should consider joining at the beginning (before the company grows).

Conditions for joining a corporate scheme

The corporate scheme is not suitable for the construction, manufacturing, transportation, services (limited to housing and entertainment), real estate, agriculture, etc. sectors.

If you are in trade (wholesale/retail) or services (other than lodging/entertainment), you may be a sole proprietor or business manager who regularly employs 5 or fewer people.

Employees of lawyers, accounting firms, and other professional firms with 5 or fewer employees who regularly use them.

Partners involved in the management of sole proprietorships who fall into categories 1 or 2 above (no more than two per sole proprietorship).

Subscription plan for international businesses

For small businesses, the self-help contribution amount can be set from ¥1,000 per month to a maximum of ¥70,000 in ¥500 increments.

The total amount of the contribution can be declared as a deduction from income. Therefore, if the monthly contribution is ¥70,000, the maximum deduction can be ¥840,000.

In addition, the contribution is also deductible if paid in advance and in the following year, with a possible deduction of up to ¥1.98 million.

Company membership procedures

The self-help procedure for small businesses basically consists of four steps. Joining a finance company is very simple.

1. Obtain the necessary documents.
2. submit the documents.
3. Delivery at the counter of an organization or financial institution appointed by the SME & Regional Innovation Organization.
4. Receipt of the documents by the SME Organization.

Those considering joining the scheme should consult an accountant specializing in business taxation. Small business self-help is a scheme with great advantages for young entrepreneurs and SME owners, but it is important to know its disadvantages and precautions so as not to consider it dangerous.

When considering joining the program, it is advisable to consult an accountant who can provide comprehensive advice on cash flow and taxation. An accountant not only advises on funds and taxes, but also on business strategies.

Comparison with similar iDeCo schemes

iDeCo is one of the old-age insurance schemes, along with mutual aid schemes for small businesses, and has the advantage of being able to declare the entire insurance premium as a deduction from income.

The state pension and social assistance pension are part of the old-age insurance system, and all citizens are obliged to join. The main difference lies in whether the target group is limited or not and whether membership is compulsory or voluntary.

The total amount of premiums paid is deducted from income, and the old-age insurance scheme is almost identical to a mutual aid scheme for small businesses.


This deduction is not a deduction from income, but a deduction from life insurance. Another disadvantage of life insurance is that it is less flexible than small business mutual because the terms and conditions of the insurance are tied to health issues.

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