Knowledge on how to make money on all your investments

  1. Know how to make money on all your investments
    1. How to Read Investment Financial Statements
    2. How to make a financial plan for investments
    3. Marketing Knowledge.
    4. Why do some stores sell the same products and others sell nothing?

Great knowledge to make money on all your investments in record time. When you start a business and run it, you need to make a profit through sales. That's why entrepreneurs need to understand money. Anything that has an account early on will fail.

You need to understand how money moves, manage it properly, and then formulate a strategy to manage it profitably. If you are starting a business, you will have to make important management decisions. Knowing money must be prepared to avoid fatal mistakes at this time.

Know how to make money on all your investments

An accountant's job requires a lot of knowledge to figure things out and requires a lot of effort.
What managers need most is "accounting knowledge for management decisions," which is useful in developing strategies to manage the business effectively.

Also commonly referred to as "management accounting," it differs from "financial accounting" for accountants and bookkeepers who prepare documents such as reports to shareholders.

It is wise to learn the basics of management accounting early on because it forms the basis for management decisions.

How to Read Investment Financial Statements

If you think you're not good with numbers or don't have accounting knowledge, you may feel like you don't know what to do when you ask an expert to prepare a financial report for you. However, I can't read financial reports = I don't understand my company's financial situation. If you don't know your situation, you can't improve your business performance.

Even if you leave the preparation of the actual document to an expert, such as a tax accountant, we can properly understand "financial statements" when formulating your business strategy.

First of all, how to read three financial statements: "Balance Sheet (BS)," which shows the financial position, "Income Statement (PL)," which shows the company's results, and "Statement of Cash Flows (CS)," which shows cash flow Mastering the job.

How to make a financial plan for investments

Templates and drafting techniques are often implemented, but when it comes to drafting documents, there are many elements, and it is easy to discard them if the business cannot do it that way. For such a person, it would be helpful to simply put together a "financial plan," which is the minimum necessary element.

In a financial plan, we make a plan for three months after the business starts, from the preparatory period to the start of the business. Then, after launching (three months after opening), make a financial plan.

By making such a financial plan, you will be able to judge whether the business model is viable in terms of money. If you can put together a good financial plan, you can provide good cash flow. Cash flow is a lifeline for a business.

Marketing Knowledge.

To start a business, you must always be mindful of cash flow. This cannot be learned overnight, so it is recommended that you start learning during the preparation phase.

Business Planning Tool When you become a member of the basic book, you can use it for free not only for the PC version, but also for the smartphone app version, so take advantage of that.

Why do some stores sell the same products and others sell nothing?

In addition to financial skills, marketing skills are needed. To start a business, it is important to envision the business and formulate a business plan, which is also necessary to get financing.

Many people may think of marketing as market research, advertising, etc., but that is only one part of marketing. Marketing is "continuing to provide value to customers and building a profitable system."


To survive in an era of oversupply, entrepreneurs must understand and apply this marketing power. If you can acquire marketing knowledge and have the perspective to always think about what is needed, the percentage of business success will increase significantly.

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