Rise of credit management financing online

  1. How to finance credit management
  2. Financial automation for credit management
  3. Efficiency of credit management operations
  4. Post-payment credit management
  5. A platform with Lecto credit finance
  6. The original pen for financial loans
  7. Interview with a credit counselor

Get rise of credit management financing online. Let's take a brief look at online credit management financing. A form of business alliance that develops personal styling services for credit management.

This is a service that uses professional stylists and the "styling artificial intelligence" developed by DROBE to design custom-made clothes based on your tastes, body shape, and budget, and then regularly delivers the clothes you choose. You are free to try on the items received and purchase only those you like.

How to finance credit management

This is a service that automates the management of problem loans, receivables, recoveries, settlements and repayments by simply linking transaction data, greatly improving credit management and debt collection.

We also support service quality improvement through integrated data management, such as credit management, omissions, recoveries, and write-offs. The platform is configured and delivered according to the characteristics and rules of services such as payments, loans, guarantees, subscriptions, and infrastructure services.

Financial automation for credit management

DROB offers a personal styling service, "DROBE," which can be done online. Because DROBE is our most closely-knit service, there have been times when a payment was not collected correctly or was delayed.

Efficiency of credit management operations

Credit management is the management of accounts receivable, such as invoices and debtors. Especially in credit transactions, payments are often made based on invoices rather than delivery of goods and services.

What is a business-to-consumer transaction? Business receivables and payables are derived from advance payments and bank transfers. On such receivables and invoices, payment may be delayed due to a problem, even if the other party is not unscrupulous.

Post-payment credit management

Collecting all receivables on demand or sending reminders to a stagnant counterparty is an important task to maintain a steady cash flow, but credit management is often complex and places a heavy burden on the accounting department.

A platform with Lecto credit finance

Lecto helps companies solve these problems by providing a "Lecto platform" that automates credit management and debt collection. Take advantage of the advice and experience of start-up credit experts for the success of your business. If cash flow is not good, even if sales are increasing, bankruptcy and over-indebtedness are possible.

Original transparent files can be created cheaply, just like pens. Since the recipient is also a necessary and consumable asset, there is no problem even if there are several, so the advantage is the ease of collection.

The original pen for financial loans

In addition, you are free to use the original transparent pen when distributing explanatory materials, proposals, contracts and other documents to business partners. Also, because it is larger than a ballpoint pen, you can print a lot of information on it, such as products, product lists, company name and company name.

Interview with a credit counselor

The interview should focus not only on the content of the business plan, but also on your ideas about the company. You can also identify your personality and passions. Once you have decided on a loan of a certain size, you establish the exact terms and conditions, such as the interest rate and duration. You set the terms, sign the contract and finally disburse the loan.


The "book version of the basic guide" explains in detail what cash flow knowledge is needed at the basic stage and how to draw up a cash flow diagram to create a financial loan.

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