Starting a real business on a small budget

  1. Do you need "people, things, money" to start a business?
    1. Personality of the business
    2. A person with an agile mindset.
    3. A person who has no sense of responsibility.
    4. The one who is too cautious
    5. People who have too many emotional ups and downs.

Starting a real business on a small budget online. Once you have completed the process of setting up your business, it is finally time to launch it. There are a number of formalities that need to be completed even after starting a business. Also, regardless of the type of business, the final tax return must be filed once a year.

I forgot about the procedure because I was busy managing. Put on your annual calendar what you need to do to prevent this from happening. Essential for entrepreneurs! Summary of tax rates and deadlines for businesses.

Do you need "people, things, money" to start a business?

Once you have a workable business plan, don't lose your enthusiasm and act, even if some elements are missing. It is said that "people, things and money" are the three main managerial resources. Because these three elements are mentioned in many management books:

  • "because there are no colleagues to start a company (people)",
  • "because the office and products are not ready yet (things)",
  • "there is the prospect of raising funds"

I think there are many people who do not want to start a company because they do not have money. The difference between those who are capable of entrepreneurship and those who are not individuals who are ready to start a business.

Personality of the business

Starting a business involves many unexpected aspects and you don't know the right answer. To overcome this difficulty, you need to be proactive. Individuals with specialized knowledge.

It is very difficult to start a business in a completely new field in which you have no experience. Of course, you will experience it over time, but if you gain it gradually from the very beginning, the pace of initial activities will be completely different.

A person with an agile mindset.

Even a business model that seemed perfect when it was created can change during operation. When times change, you need to be aware of this and rethink your plan.

An honest and sincere person is also a good candidate for an entrepreneur. For example, a person who sincerely believes that they were wrong when they failed will grow much faster than one who does not.

Anyone who enthusiastically makes mistakes and tries to move forward can be considered an entrepreneur. Individuals who are not fit to start a business.

A person who has no sense of responsibility.

Managers have ultimate responsibility for themselves. People who blame "bad advisors" or "bad creditors" when things go wrong or go bad may not be made for entrepreneurship.

Once management begins, the problem of "people, assets and money" becomes endless. It is the manager's job to continue to solve this resource management problem and strive for more profits.

The one who is too cautious

No matter how much you prepare, there are always unforeseen situations after starting a business. People who worry about the future and become stagnant are not suitable for starting a business.

However, you don't need all the people, property and money to start a business. If you wait for people, things and money, you will never succeed in starting a business.

People who have too many emotional ups and downs.

People who cannot control their emotions, such as harshness, beliefs, and negativity, and who have too much pride to be objective, may not want to engage in hiring. A person who is careless with money. First, let's look at how you spend money.

In entrepreneurship, "money sense" and "marketing sense" are essential. If your wallet is too loose, if you don't know what it was used for, or if you wasted your money, be careful.


The same thing can happen even if you turn into money from your business. Of course, innovative ideas and entrepreneurial motivation and enthusiasm are necessary to start a business, but you also need the skills to manage it.

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