The 3 Zodiac Signs With Rough Horoscopes On Monday, May 9, 2022

If we find ourselves feeling a little snappier than usual, then we can attribute that bit to Moon in Virgowhich tends to set our moods up for the day by bringing us into contact with something we detest (like having to clean up cat puke first thing in the morning, or realizing that it’s Monday when we thought it was Sunday that kind of thing) .

One false move at the top of this day, and BANG! Instant snappy mood.

And because we have the helping hand of Moon opposition Saturn (yes, that is sarcasm) we can expect irrational behavior on top of that snap, meaning as soon as we unconsciously choose to be in a foul moodwe will hold on to it as if it’s giving us life.

saturn energy does that to us: it makes us want to defend ourselves, even when we know we are completely wrong, or amiss.

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This snappy, not-so-witty mood that we’ll be in may end up turning on us, as well.

This means that because we won’t be able to help ourselves and will more than likely take our defense mechanism to new heights, we may also end up jeopardizing any number of things, causing this day to be known as a rough one.


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