What is a cash flow statement from financing activities?

  1. What is the purpose of the cash flow statement?
    1. What is the cash flow statement?
    2. What is a financial statement?
    3. Why is the "cash flow statement" important?
    4. Simply "cash flow financing."
    5. How do you do a sustainability statement?

How do you do a cash flow statement? A simple 5-minute overview for entrepreneurs on how to increase cash flow through cash flow. Get the cash flow! Cash flow statement basics.

This time we will explain the basics and practical concepts of cash flow statements in a way that is easy to understand even for beginners.

What is the purpose of the cash flow statement?

As the basis for understanding cash flows, the cash flow statement is an important document for objectively assessing a company's situation. It is also an important reporting tool for shareholders who receive investments.

But even if you know its importance, many people have only a vague idea of the role of the cash flow statement and how to prepare it.

Since the cash flow statement is only a tool for managing and improving cash flow, it is important to manage cash flow as a whole. It is advisable to review cash flow on a daily basis in the form of a document.

What is the cash flow statement?

The cash flow statement is one of the documents that make up the "balance sheet." Let's first see what "financial statements" are. All companies are required to prepare financial statements.

Financial statements are a numerical representation of the state of a company and are used to determine the health of the company.

What is a financial statement?

Companies prepare financial statements after the close of the fiscal year and disclose them to tax authorities, shareholders, and creditors. Depending on the company, a "statement of cost of sales," a "statement of changes in equity," and a "statement of securities" may be required.

These three financial tables are prepared as part of the accounting process. If the books are wrong, the Treasury 3 spreadsheet will also be wrong. In this case, the exact state of the business is not known and the wrong management strategy may be chosen.

Why is the "cash flow statement" important?

One of the financial statements is the "cash flow statement," a document that numerically shows the cash flow for a given reporting period. Simply put, it is a document that shows the cash a company has. If you replace it with the day-to-day, it looks like a "balance sheet book."

Not all companies are obliged to fill it out, as only publicly traded companies are required by law to do so. However, to record the company's situation objectively, it is advisable to do so at the beginning of financial activities.

It is easy to make a cash flow statement using accounting software, and if it is difficult, you can also see when money comes in and goes out without a simple cash flow statement. The cash flow statement divides cash flows into three categories: "selling activities," "investing activities," and "operating activities." Each type is described below.

Simply "cash flow financing."

Cash flow is considered the most important in the early stages of business creation. In fact, by focusing on cash flow, it is possible to assess the company's financial position and predict the risk of "black bankruptcy."

Accounting "profit" and "cash on hand" are not the same thing. Even if you sell a product or service, collecting money from a customer takes time. It may even be that you have to pay for purchases, etc., in advance before you can create a product or service.

If you run out of money, you will have to borrow money to pay off debts and pay for the cost of the purchase, resulting in a worsening cash flow. In the worst case scenario, you will be forced to "pass the buck."

How do you do a sustainability statement?

To assess the sustainability of the business situation, it is important to manage cash flow. Prepare a "cash flow statement" so that you can understand your cash flow and the amount of money raised.


These are formally called "financial statements (of listed companies)" or "financial statements (of other companies)." It consists of several documents, the most important of which is the one below.

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