What is the method of obtaining credit investments?

  1. What is the method of obtaining an credit investments loan?
    1. Institutional investment lending.
    2. Loan Guarantee Association
    3. Obtaining loan investments with funds
    4. How much is the loan premium on your investment?
    5. How do I pay a premium for an investment loan?
    6. When do I get investment loan benefits?

What are the different methods of obtaining credit investments? There are three methods of obtaining benefits, and you can choose one of them. If you want a loan when you start a business, consider it first.

Also, if the beneficiary dies during the collection period, a separate "pre-foreclosure" can be made. Implementation of the new investment loan system,

What is the method of obtaining an credit investments loan?

If you use the "New Business Loan System," you can get a loan of up to 35 million yen (including 14 million yen of working capital) without any collateral or security, even for businesses that are not immediately registered.

This is a credit financial institution that supports entrepreneurs with a small amount of money. In addition, new startup funds, funds to support women, young and elderly entrepreneurs, and funds to solve the problems of those with a history of bankruptcy have been prepared.

Institutional investment lending.

This is a method of obtaining a loan from a municipal bank, local bank, credit union or credit union after receiving mediation from the local government.

If you need a large sum of money, you often turn to a private financial institution. Since business reliability is the standard for getting a loan, a new business will be compensated for reliability.

Loan Guarantee Association

Every municipality has a support system for entrepreneurs. The content of the support varies from municipality to municipality, such as low interest loans, preferential taxation, and grants and subsidies for new businesses.

Receipt of grants and subsidies is not guaranteed, but since it is a grant fund, we recommend that you make good use of it if you can apply for it.

Obtaining loan investments with funds

Crowdfunding is a method of raising investment from any number of people using the internet.
Because it can raise awareness of products and services during the fundraising phase, it can also be used for marketing.

There are several ways to raise funds. Each has its own specifics, so it's important to choose the fundraising method that works best for you.

How much is the loan premium on your investment?

The premium can be varied in ¥500 increments and can be set arbitrarily, starting with a minimum of ¥1000. The amount of the premium can be changed depending on the economic situation of the company or corporation, and the amount can be freely increased or decreased.

If you are planning to go public, you may also receive support from venture capitalists. Venture capitalists involved in technology and services that will generate large profits in the future can raise more than $100 million if they perform well.

How do I pay a premium for an investment loan?

Payment method Small business mutual funds can be paid by transferring to an escrow account.
You can choose from three payment methods: monthly payment, semi-annual payment, and annual payment.

The version of the foundation guide that comes with your purchase includes a list of financing methods. You can get an overview and characteristics of the financing method right away to help you make your choice credit.

When do I get investment loan benefits?

You can get the benefit three times. The first is when the business is closed. You can get benefits if you close your business for any reason.

Similarly, if you retire, you will receive benefits, and if you retire after you transfer the entire business to a third party, you can receive benefits. You should expect to receive benefits if you close your business or retire for any reason.


The transfer date is the 18th of each month (if the 18th falls on a holiday, the transfer will be made the next business day), and you can transfer the account for the first time.

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