Where are the business investors? Three approaches

  1. Where are the business investors? Three approaches
    1. 1. approach the administration directly.
    2. 2. contact at events, seminars, etc.
    3. 3. use the right website
    4. Someone you can respect
    5. Three advantages of buying a company
    6. Time to get
    7. Reduce risk
    8. Business development and performance

Where are commercial investors? Three approaches, Learn more about very profitable business investors in expansion logistics. After reading this long article, I think many people are asking this question, "Where are the business investors and managers?"

As mentioned above, networking is very important to get to know angel investors, but there are other ways to get to know them.

Where are the business investors? Three approaches

In addition to venture capital and financial institutions, there are also events organized by local governments across the country, so use them effectively.

1. approach the administration directly.

The easiest way is to contact the person you want to ask questions directly by letter or e-mail. The text should be polite and concise and ask for an interview. However, do not expect to receive a response.

I do not recommend it, but there seem to be successful cases of direct visits with an offer. It is very likely that you will have to pay an advance, but if you approach it with heart and enthusiasm, you will be fine in the end.

2. contact at events, seminars, etc.

Entrepreneurial events and seminars can be attended not only by entrepreneurs, but also by angel investors. For example, an entrepreneur who participated in a business plan competition is said to have judged an investor who did not win the championship, but managed to get an investment.

3. use the right website

There are websites on the Internet that connect entrepreneurs and angel investors. This is a mechanism for getting pitching offers by looking at angel investor profiles and areas of interest on the matching site.
On top of that there are some expenses, such as membership fees and success fees.

Choose investors for your business carefully! Checkpoint for investors. We have a long-standing relationship with angel investors. Choose people you can meet and talk to, with whom you can find common ground and interact freely.

Someone you can respect

  • Someone who gets respect, even if they talk to stakeholders or check the internet, SNS, etc.
  • Understanding of and interest in business content.
  • Management consulting, etc. in addition to investment.
  • Angel investing experience outside the company.
  • In some cases you may be more involved, such as taking on the role of an outside director.

Three advantages of buying a company

  1. Individuals associated with antisocial forces, such as gangsters.
  2. Suspicious sources of funding, such as investments that do not match your living and career conditions.
  3. Inability to obtain support or information related to my career or business profile.
  4. Demanding improbable terms, such as "guaranteeing top investments.".
  5. Demanding the appointment of officers or entry into a company in exchange for investment.
  6. Willingness to promise something that is not in the investment agreement.

First, let's classify the benefits that buyers can receive in a so-called M&A transaction. The most important are the three listed below. This is the first criterion for deciding what can be gained by buying a company.

Time to get

To attract customers and start a business, a company must invest resources (money and labor) from the beginning. The advantage of mergers and acquisitions is that the time needed to start a business can be bought with money.

Reduce risk

When you start a new business, you do not know whether it will have a good start and whether it will have risks. Mergers and acquisitions have the advantage of reducing business risk because they allow the profitability and capital condition of existing businesses to be tested.

Business development and performance

Mergers and acquisitions, which are in line with the company's management strategy, can help the company grow. In addition, sales can be increased through cross-selling with the acquired company, and business efficiency can be improved through asset sharing.


The acquisition price in mergers and acquisitions is not uniquely determined by a general formula, but is established by negotiating a price that both parties can agree upon. Of course, there is a generally accepted method for calculating acquisition prices that serves as a starting point for discussion, but I will discuss it in another section, so I invite you to refer to it.

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